paint-brushes-690260_1280Born in Zurich in 1963, Caro Niederer is a female pioneer in the realm of contemporary art. Niederer’s first solo show in New York was hosted by international gallerists Hauser & Wirth.

Hauser & Wirth represent Caro Niederer, in addition to nearly 60 other established and some emerging artists. The Hauser & Wirth roster includes Roni Horn, Paul McCarthy and the estates of the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, and Dieter Roth. Established by couple Iwan and Manuela Wirth along with Ursula Hauser in 1993, the art power trio now operates galleries in Zurich, London, New York, Somerset, and a new space in Los Angeles opening this year. In ArtReviews Power 100 list of 2015, Ivan and Manuela Wirth ranked, as a couple, as the number one most powerful and influential figure of the art world.

Caro Neiderer’s body of work ecompasses many classic and modern mediums. Though her first solo show focused on paintings completed in the early 1990s through 2012, she has also worked with sculpture, video and tapestry. Tom Chen of Painters’ Table describes Niederer’s subjects as “everyday subjects, like a kitchen table with a vase of flowers, a street in front of her home, or the basketball court where her kids play. Standing out against the vibrant color palette prevalent in most of her paintings are two sepia-toned ‘Brown Paintings.’ Like blown-up old time photographs, the paintings exude a warm and gentle light that guides us through what the artist calls ‘common subjects.’” Her paintings are often saturated with toned primary colors depicting quotidian scenes. She recreates daily happenings with her creative vision, often incorporating visuals from a combination of postcards collected during her travels or snapshots taken on her camera or phone. These paintings are an invitation to the viewer, asking them to engage in the process of creating art by visiting unknown scenes and experiences.

In creating art, Caro Niederer gives into the process. In an interview with Hauser & Wirth she states, “My practice is like an open spiral that moves with time…My work revolves around the subject of memory and the question of what remains that is valuable.”  A Swiss native, she still lives and works in Zurich, creating pieces in a variety of mediums. Niederer has left her mark on contemporary art, and her legacy will continue to grow as the years pass.